More on Farid Suleman…


Stop! Enough already! If I read one more comment from Farid Suleman about how he is going to fix Citadel’s dismal performance I’m going to hurl! He wants to take 50% of the stations best accounts and have them serviced by back-office people to save commissions. The same back-office people who he is looking to cut.

You talk about taking customers for granted, this is beyond the pale. First, if you want to keep top-flite sellers, they need these accounts to be the "core" of their list. No talented seller will stay in a situation when they have to generate every bit of business anew! Do you think that these accounts (the ones "would come in with or without salespeople") will be satisfied with salaried people servicing them? Even regional and national accounts need TLC. Who will provide them with their "value-added" items or promotional tie-ins. Most important, who will be "selling" these accounts…your traffic person?  It used to be, we put accounts in the hands of the people who can sell them. Mr. Suleman wants to put his best accounts in the hands of people who can’t sell them. I realize that Mr. Suleman was a bean-counter in his other life (CBS/Infinity), but this is a recipe for disaster. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.
Alan Gray
New Generation Broadcasting
Las Vegas
35 years in  radio as a AE, GSM, GM and Owner