More on "Fox vs. Obama"


The recent letter from a media consultant denigrating Fox News is but one more attempt by the left to confine our information to the CNN’s of this world. If not for Fox News the ACORN abuses would have gone unreported. Even after Fox broke the story the liberal mainstream media ignored it until the firestorm overwhelmed them. The writer attempts to use an instance of a Fox producer urging demonstrators to make their protests more theatrical as his basis for calling Fox News a “propaganda machine” and he cites this same, and only  instance at the beginning and end of his diatribe. In so doing he ignores the years of liberal mainstream media management of the news. In fact we now have an Obama Administration  official bragging this week about how the Obama election campaign cleverly managed the news through liberal mainstream media sources.

George Bush had every reason to “ignore” the liberal mainstream media who used every opportunity to spread their bias against him and yet he did not attempt to silence a news organization that was not in his back pocket. In fact I’m not aware of any President, Republican or Democrat who stooped to being that petty.

Two Obama officials in this last week expounded on the quotes of Chairman Mao, and one ousted Obama appointee suggested that Hugo Chavez’s approach was the best one to take for our media and information. It would see that the writer would be more concerned about that than his irrational call for silencing Fox news because he disagrees with them.

I can understand why a dedicated liberal, especially one as condescending as this one gets a rash every time Fox News reports a story that does not follow the party line sought by this administration but more and more Americans are discovering that Fox News is not only credible but that  it’s reporting is more balanced. I’ve had no trouble getting information to judge the merits of important issues like healthcare reform but then I did not confine my search to the liberal mainstream media. I listened to what they were saying and then I also listened to Fox News before forming my own opinion.  That is, apparently a great sin in the eyes of the media consultant who took pen in hand.  I suggest that the writer is simply “delighted” with President Obama period. That is his right , a right that he appears to want to snuff out for the rest of us.

–Tom Joyner, Broadcast group owner, Cary, N.C.