More on the Performance Tax


Why don’t we tell it like it really is..?  How much are the RECORD LABELS  going to gain in profits from this proposed tax?  Answer…A LOT…Not the artists…The labels…How many of these labels are owned by United States residents?  Where are these labels housed? How many of these are in the United States?
I believe in giving people fair wages for their works but, double dipping is out. My opinion is that these labels get more than their share and the radio stations are getting much less for theirs. How would the artists be heard if it wasn’t for radio playing their music and they don’t do it for free…Have you heard of BMI, ASCAP Etc.  These stations pay A LOT and now the record labels are trying to make them pay more and more and more….Where would these artists be without radio?  NOWHERE… Maybe playing in local clubs, bars etc. but, not heard all over the United States more or less for free.
This country is in bad times and it seems to me that people need to have the jobs they have and small market radio is no exception. This tax would devastate these stations and for what? More greed…I support the artists, just not their labels who are trying to cash in.
I say radio stations should band together and all charge each artist, label etc. for playing their music on their airwaves.  Fair is Fair…   Let’s keep our people in this market working but, work together.. That could be a win-win situation. Feel the need and stop the greed.

Candie Swinney