More praise for FCC’s LPTV action


LPTVWhile it may be grammatically odd that the FCC action that has pleased LPTV advocates is in fact a suspension, the fact is that a second organization has joined with the LPTV Spectrum Rights Coalition in commending the FCC’s move.

The organization is the Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance (ATBA).

The FCC action was suspending all outstanding construction permits for new digital LPTVs and TV translators.

The importance: The licensees, facing an uncertain future in the face of the upcoming incentive auctions, are not forced to choose between building the CP only to ultimately lose the station; or not build and watch it expire for good.

“We made this request that the FCC has granted as a service to the Low Power Television industry and the Federal Communications Commission,” says Louis Libin, ATBA Executive Director. “This suspension will save the FCC and LPTV Operators time and resources and allow the processes during this period of risk and uncertainty.”

ATBA stated, “This ruling is consistent with the common sense reflected in established FCC practice and policy regarding other LPTV construction permits and in other contexts as well. This grant will reduce the administrative burden on LPTV Operators and the FCC Media Bureau avoiding the need to address hundreds of individual extension requests pending final action in the Commission’s rulemaking proceeding.”