More reality for CBS


With the future of scripted series up in the air, CBS has ordered up three new reality series. The three concepts include celebrities, pets and a hidden camera. OK, not exactly new concepts, but the Eye net is trying to put a new twist on each.

* “Secret Talents of the Stars”: This biweekly celebrity talent show will uncover some of the most fascinating and unique secret talents of film and television stars, whether it be singing, dancing, magic or even acrobatics.  Celebrities will compete in a tournament-structured format to determine who has the best hidden talent. 

* “America’s Top Dog” (still a working title): This is an hour-long series where "man’s best friend" can help its owner win big bucks. Owners and their pets — from "pageant dogs" to those dogs simply trained at home — will live together and battle it out in a dog competition that puts the dog’s relationship with the person who has raised and trained it to the test.

* “Game Show in My Head”: This half-hour series is a hidden camera game show in which contestants wear an earpiece as they go about life in the city and are instructed by the host back in the studio to do stunts.  If the contestants can perform crazy, outrageous and often embarrassing tasks in public, they can go home with big money.  However, if they fail to perform one task, they’ll lose all the money they earned thus far and go home empty-handed. 

“Secret Talents of the Stars” is executive produced by Robyn Nash and Don Weiner for Magic Molehill Productions Inc. “America’s Top Dog” is executive produced by R.J. Cutler, Stu Schreiberg and Stephen Kroopnick for Magic Molehill Productions Inc. “Game Show in My Head” is from fox21, produced by Hat Trick Productions and Katalyst Films, Inc. with executive producers Jimmy Mulville & Leon Wilde and Ashton Kutcher, Jason Goldberg & Karey Burke.

No word yet on debut dates.