More sound advice on downturn advertising


Did you know that there is an accounts receivable management industry out there? WE guess pretty much every aspect of a business that can be outsourced has been outsourced. At any rate, an ARM industry advisor, Roxanne Bartley of Bartley Ventures was preaching to them recently. She noted that in tough economic times, many companies are constricting their advertising, travel and expense budgets, and tells them they should not be so hasty to cut these items.

“Agency owners in particular are often first among those to cut sales and marketing budgets, but should exercise caution about this short-term fix” says Bartley. “Especially during periods like this one, when competitors are scaling back, it may be the best opportunity for visionary leaders to position their organization for increased market share.” Bartley continues, “Instead of hastening to slash sales and marketing budgets, industry executives have a wonderful opportunity to carefully evaluate their current books of business, reconsider their growth plans, and reposition themselves for success.”

“Although the knee-jerk reaction may be to cut spending, this economic climate may in fact represent the opportunity of a lifetime to showcase your company or product better than ever. As the economy recovers, a select few will have out-branded their competition; every industry leader would love to be one of the success stories.”

RBR/TVBR observation: Once again, the advice is to be bold while others stick their heads in the sand. The companies that maintain their marketing will be the ones that come out strong on the other side of this recession, a fact your own clients cannot hear too many times.