More than half of streaming audience vanished on "Day of Silence"


On Tuesday, thousands of Internet radio stations across America turned silent in symbolic protest of the increase in royalty rates proposed by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB).

Bridge Ratings conducted two studies in association with Tuesday's "Day of Silence." When asked, "Did you find your primary internet radio station silent on Tuesday, 62% said "No."

The national sample of 3000 persons 13+ was first asked if they normally listen to Internet radio in a typical week. 21% of the respondents said they did.

On the Day of Silence, 45% of the respondents said they listened to Internet radio; 55% said they hadn't.
Bridge also asked the 62% who found their primary Internet station silent on Tuesday, what action they took when they found that station silent.

72% stated that they tuned to an Internet radio station that was streaming while 23% didn't listen to Internet radio that day.

The Day of Silence generated a great deal of publicity and activity on overwhelmed their servers. Congressional office switchboards also reportedly received significant floods of calls.