More Time For Public Comment on WNYW, WWOR Owner Waiver


It’s had a permanent waiver of the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership rule as it pertains to the ownership of New York’s FOX affiliate and a daily newspaper founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1801.

Now, FOX Corporation wants its second TV station in New York to also be covered by a permanent waiver. Should it? You now have more time to respond to the FCC on the matter.


On October 5, the owner of WNYW-5 and WWOR-9 in New York filed a request with the Commission seeking a permanent waiver of its newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership rule, 47 C.F.R. § 73.3555(d), in order to continue its common ownership of the two broadcast TV stations and the famed Gotham tabloid New York Post.

The Media Bureau responded by asking that interested persons file comments no later than November 27, and Reply Comments should be filed no later than December 4, 2020.

On November 20, Free Press filed a Motion for Extension of Time seeking an indefinite extension of the comment period. Free Press contends that an extension of time is warranted based on the fact that Fox’s waiver request was not accessible in the FCC Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) until November 17.

Media Bureau Chief Michelle Carey determined that Free Press showed good cause with its request — given the public’s belief that access was available from Nov. 13.

“We therefore find that a brief extension of time for interested parties to submit comments is appropriate,” Carey said.

To the extent that Free Press’s Motion seeks an indefinite extension of time and suggests that we hold the period for public comment in abeyance, Carey said no.

“We do not find such action to be warranted and thus reject the request to extend the period for comment indefinitely,” she ruled.

Now, the Media Bureau asks that interested persons file comments no later than December 1, and Reply Comments should be filed no later than December 8, 2020.