More Time Needed for Emergency Audio


FCCIn order to serve the needs of the visually impaired, new rules require that broadcasters provide audio descriptions of visual emergency information. NAB says a delay is needed, for three reasons.

The compliance date is 5/26/15. The NAB has asked for an extension of six months at minimum, to 11/26/15.

It will be impossible for many stations to meet that deadline because in many cases the necessary software and hardware to meet the requirement has not yet been released and/or delivered by vendors, much less installed and tested, among other things.

Second, NAB wants waived the requirement to provide aural descriptions of non-textual visual representations, such as radar maps, due to lack of technology to create verbal descriptions.

Third, NAB wants the requirement to provide the service in regards to school closings until it is able to arrive at a consensus among stakeholders as to how best to meet the requirement.

The FCC is seeking comment on NAB’s request. Comments are due 4/13/15, and reply comments on 4/20/15.