More Woes On Wall Street For Comscore


It’s been a rough April for Comscore, the audience measurement company that seeks to compete with a company with its own set of financial issues — Nielsen.

With the Sunday, March 31 resignation of CEO Bryan Wiener and President Sarah Hofstetter — and social media slams of the company’s board of directors — SCOR has plummeted from its July 2015 high of $58.50 to today’s closing price of $13.22.

As a result, Comscore has erased all shareholder growth seen since May 2009.

That’s correct: Comscore just rewound a decade’s worth of Wall Street increases.

The company still has a 1-year target estimate of $24.80. But with Rigrodsky & Long P.A. the latest law firm to file a complaint against the company in New York Federal District Court on claims of securities fraud, a comeback could be a long time coming.