Mortenson spins off Dallas AM


Jack Mortenson apparently believes that four AMs gives his radio group enough of presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that he can afford to spin off a station he’d been renting out in an LMA anyway – that station is KRVA-AM Cockrell Hill.

The station is going to Pacificstar Media II Corporation, headed by Charles S. Kim. The price is comfortably in the seven-figure zone, coming in at $1.4M cash.

KRVA is a Class B on 1600 kHz, with 25 kW-D, 930 W-N, DA2. It covers the city during the day, doing a better job of getting into the eastern ‘burbs than the western; at night, it’s primary signal loses a little bit of coverage on the western Fort Worth side of the urbanized area.

Mortenson will retain 970 KHVN, 1440 KTNO, 1040 KGGR (and its 102.5 MHz FM translator) and 1630 KGGM.
Kim has one other station: WPBS-AM Conyers GA, which is part of the Atlanta market.