Most agree: People on the radio make it better


KassofNew research from Mark Kassof & Co. reveals that an overwhelming majority of 18-64 listeners in the U.S. think the people on radio – announcers, personalities or personality teams – make radio “better to listen to.”

Specifically, 47% think the people on radio make it “a lot better to listen to,” and another 39% think they make radio “a little better.” Only 9% think the people on radio make it worse, including the mere 2% who think they make radio “a lot worse.”

Humor is the #1 reason listeners volunteer for thinking personalities make radio better. Those who think personalities make radio worse give wanting only music as their #1 reason.

These findings are based on 953 online interviews with 18-64 listeners to terrestrial radio, pure play online sources, podcasts or satellite radio. The surveys were conducted June 18th and 19th.

Said Mark Kassof: “This research shows that personalities are a powerful asset for traditional radio in meeting the challenge posed by music-only alternatives. Clearly, radio shouldn’t be cutting back on personalities…it should be developing them!”


  1. Of course radio needs to be personality driven
    Even tv has adopted the Howard stern model with tmz
    And the morning zoo… The view, the talk, are radio shows on tv
    That’s why have been fighting the business of political TJ and sports only- we need entertainment and intimacy
    True communication
    Nothing wrong with a guy( or woman ) grabbing a few downloads and creating a free form music show?

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