Most Super Bowl viewers tune in for the commercials


Hard to believe, but the majority of Super Bowl viewers enjoy the game’s ads more than the action on the field, according to results of a survey from The Nielsen Company. 51% of those questioned said they most enjoy the commercials that air throughout the game when compared to the Super Bowl game itself. 49% said that they enjoy the game more than the ads. Results were based on a sample of over 25,000 households in Nielsen’s Homescan panel.

“This survey reinforces the value of the Super Bowl as a marketing bonanza, featuring one of the most receptive TV audiences in the world,” said Randall Beard, EVP/Nielsen IAG. “With so many viewers waiting for the pitch, the pressure is on advertisers to create and place ads that will have a lasting impact.”

The poll was one of many new findings Nielsen released in a comprehensive study of the trends and effectiveness of paid Super Bowl advertising.

Other Super Bowl insights uncovered by Nielsen include:

– Ads that run early in the game are better remembered and better liked than those airing later in the game.

– A “winning” spot can vary depending on an advertiser’s goals and target demographics.

– Traffic to advertiser Web sites spiked on the day after last year’s Super Bowl.

– In the last five years, the biggest Super Bowl advertiser is Anheuser-Busch, which spent over $100 million on its Bud and Bud Light brands alone.

– Motion Pictures form the biggest category of ad spending, which leads to an immediate surge in online buzz for the advertised films.