Move America Forward adds Mancow, Dennis Miller, more


Move America Forward announced the addition of Comedian and Talk Radio host Dennis Miller, Talk Radio host Mancow and Noel Sheppard from NewsBusters  to the slate of guests for the upcoming Troopathon.

Miller is a huge supporter of the troops and is national spokesperson for the pro-troop charity USA Cares which supports wounded veterans and 9/11 families.

Muller is a dedicated supporter of our brave troops and their missions in the War on Terror, he even allowed himself to be waterboarded to challenge the thought that it’s inhumane torture when used against terrorist detainees at GITMO. “Mancow is an absolute patriot and on his daily radio show advocates for common sense to strengthen America and keep us safe from our enemies who have sworn to kill us,” said Move America Forward.

Noel Sheppard is the Associate Editor of NewsBusters, a resource for conservatives as they scour the internet, TV, and radio for the best examples of the liberal left bias in the media. Noel Sheppard is also a contributor to the National Review’s “Planet Gore” as well as one of the best blogs on the internet – “American Thinker”

This 8 hour live broadcast is hosted by Melanie Morgan, talk radio veteran and pro-troop advocate. The group invites well known celebrities to come on the show and talk about their support for the troops, the sacrifices they make for our country, and encourage the audience to make donations throughout the show to support men and women deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The overall goal of the show is to raise money to send care packages to troops in the Middle East. The Troopathon airs 7/1 live from the Richard M. Nixon Memorial Library in Yorba Linda, Calif. from 1pm -9pm PT.