Mr. Christian gets his due


“This has been an incredible run for me – and it’s far from over,” said Saga Communications CEO Ed Christian as he received the National Radio Award Friday from the National Association of Broadcasters.

We all got to see Ed with what he described as a “cheesy” mustache and hear airchecks of a Michigan newscaster from the era of trying to duplicate the overplayed urgency (not to mention the blood and guts) of CKLW-AM Windsor-Detroit. That was fun, but the point is that Ed Christian is still excited about radio.

“We are not out of business and we are not irrelevant,” he declared.

Radio stations are there for their local towns when they’re needed. “We are the life force of our towns, our cities,” Christian told the NAB Radio Show.

One more thing: “Our advertising works.”

RBR-TVBR observation: We admit it. We think Ed Christian is a great guy and a great broadcaster. Despite his outspokenness on broadcasting issues, Ed has few enemies. That’s because he presents his opinions in a calm and non-antagonistic manner – and because he’s almost always right.