acquires Newsvine


Citizen journalist news site Newsvine has been acquired by Newsvine, which lets visitors read and comment on news stories from mainstream media outlets, will continue operating independently, just as it has been since launching in March of 2006. Over the next few years, Newsvine technology and content will make its way onto, and vice-versa where it makes sense. Users’ columns and content will remain as they have been.

Mike Davidson, its co-founder and CEO, told The AP about a million people come to the site each month. He adds that the deal will increase exposure for its writers: "Remember when Killfile broke the news of the Virginia Tech shooting 22 minutes before the Associated Press? What about when Corey Spring got an exclusive interview with Dave Chappelle? When important moments like these occur on Newsvine, why shouldn’t they also be put in front of 29 million people on"