Msnbc Digital Network upgrades multimedia platform for news stories


The Msnbc Digital Network has unveiled its new story page design. Consumers are now able to watch, read, comment, navigate, share and interact with news in an entirely new way – all from a single page. 

The story page design features a new, larger embeddable video player with transcripts and subtitles, integrated slideshows with big, vibrant images, and section “slices” featuring related text, multimedia and video.  Stories now also display top-rated and editor-recommended comments from readers.

For advertisers, the new story page design offers a rich selection of larger ad sizes, displayed in a contextually relevant and premium environment.

“Our new story pages are a radical departure from standard links and photos trapped in text. We’ve reimagined what the digital news experience can be and have created an unmatched platform,” said Charlie Tillinghast, president and publisher, Msnbc Digital Network. “With that same energy, we’ve created a premium environment for brands to expand beyond traditional ad formats and engage consumers in a powerful way.”

Top story page features:
–        Multimedia: Consumers can enjoy industry leading video and slideshows on the Msnbc Digital Network.  The video player allows users to jump to keywords or enter their own search terms for a video clip. Related and top-rated videos can be found next to the clip being viewed or by expanding the drawer below the video. Consumers can also explore and easily preview larger images in the new slideshows. 

–       Transcripts: The Msnbc Digital Network is the first major news site to offer full video transcripts and closed captioning on the majority of the video available throughout its digital network.

–        Social Toolbar: It is now easier than ever for consumers to share their favorite stories, photos and blog posts with friends and track their discussions with other readers.  Msnbc’s sharing toolbar appears at the bottom of most pages, and users can recommend stories and slideshows using an e-mail program, Facebook or Twitter – right from the page.

–        Drop Down Trays:  The innovative drop down trays allow consumers to explore related and top-rated content in each section easily by expanding the drawer below each section.

–      Zoom Out: The zoom out feature allows consumers to find out what’s happening in the news right now by taking them to a dashboard view of the latest trends, located at the bottom of each page. It also allows them to easily jump back to the top of the page to continue to enjoy the site.

–    Hot Topics: Hot topics and searches allow consumers to explore the most popular topics on A dynamic display shows not only what’s popular and making news, but how those topics have trended over the last week.