MSNBC premieres “Boosting for Billions”


Joining with teams of investigators at big box stores like Walgreens and Target, in "Boosting for Billions" MSNBC cameras and crews go undercover to get an insider’s look into the lives of highly organized rings of thieves, known as boosters. Natalie Morales hosts this one-hour long documentary, premiering Sunday, September 7, 10-11 p.m. ET.

Every year, the retail industry loses an estimated  $35-50 billion due to retail theft. Behind it all are boosters. Often working in groups, these professional shoplifters can steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise within minutes. From electronics to groceries to cosmetics, boosters brazenly execute their crime and then turn to the streets, where they sell their stolen goods for huge profit.

Boosting has exploded over the last few years. For the criminals, it is a lucrative industry, with limited risk compared with other illegal activity. But the big businesses that are targeted by boosters have begun to fight back, working with law enforcement to hunt down and prosecute those responsible.