MSNBC suspends Ed Schultz (audio)


It was on his syndicated radio show that Ed Schultz referred to competitor Laura Ingraham (pictured) as a “slut,” but the comment has reverberated at MSNBC, which has suspended him from his television show. Schultz will get a week off without pay.

Schultz went after Ingraham Tuesday on his radio show, criticizing her and other conservatives for questioning President Barack Obama’s trip to Ireland instead of trying to help Americans suffering after the tornadoes that hit the heartland.

“And what do the Republicans thinking about? They’re not thinking about their next-door neighbor. They’re just thinking about how much this is going to cost. President Obama is going to be visiting Joplin, Mo., on Sunday but you know what they’re talking about, like this right-wing slut, what’s her name?, Laura Ingraham? Yeah, she’s a talk slut. You see, she was, back in the day, praising President Reagan when he was drinking a beer overseas. But now that Obama’s doing it, they’re working him over,” Schultz said. The audio below was posted on YouTube by the Radioequalizer blog and cited by the Drudge Report and numerous other conservative outlets.

That was too much for the brass at MSNBC, which called him on the carpet. “MSNBC management met with Ed Schultz this afternoon and accepted his offer to take one week of unpaid leave for the remarks he made yesterday on his radio program,” the cable network said Wednesday. That was to begin after Schultz issued an apology at the start of what would have been his regular show Wednesday evening.

For her part, Ingraham responded Wednesday via her Facebook page: “Re. the crude comments made about me by Ed Schultz on his radio program: First, I was surprised to learn that Ed Schultz actually hosted a radio show.  Is it only available online?  Second, I have to get back to recording the audio edition of my new book ‘Of Thee I Zing.’ Now I’m tempted to insert one additional zing–about men who preach civility but practice misogyny.”

RBR-TVBR observation: This guy is just plain pathetic. MSNBC benching him for just one week with no pay – give us a break – Schultz should be shown the exit sign and not let the door hit his vertical smile on the way out.