MTV goes to the movies


Viacom’s MTV announced plans to release a slate of original movies “crafted for the MTV audience.” The first, “My Super Psycho Sweet 16,” will soon be released to theaters and then air on MTV in October. With two other films soon to follow and several in development, the network said it will launch one original movie per quarter beginning in 2010.

“Our mission is to redefine the creative canvas of MTV with a diversity of content in a variety of formats. Storytelling is in our DNA, and feature films for television are the next natural step of progression for us. We are thrilled to be in this game,” said Tony DiSanto, President of MTV Programming.

“My Super Psycho Sweet 16” stars Juliana Guill as Madison Penrose, who gets everything she wants, including her wish to re-open the desolate Rollerdome for her sweet sixteen party. The site of several grisly murders a decade earlier, things become “psycho” when the killer returns to crash her party. MTV said it has wrapped production on location in Atlanta and the film is set to air in late October following its theatrical run.

“Turn The Beat Around” is set in the competitive LA dance scene, where a struggling young dancer (Romina D’Ugo from “So you Think you Can Dance Canada”) gets the opportunity to fulfill her professional dreams when she convinces a wealthy club owner to open a modern disco where young people come to connect through dance. The club features classic disco hits updated with a modern sound – and modern dance moves. In the process, her personal and professional lives collide and she finds herself caught between the club’s young owner, her dancer boyfriend and the sexy, overly ambitious choreographer she might be about to replace. The movie, which is in production, features a performance by Warner Bros. recording artist Jason Derulo.

Currently in development is “Made.” Inspired by the popular MTV series, this comedy, in the vein of “Clueless” and “Bring It On,” features an A-list cheerleader who helps a D-list band nerd achieve her dream of making the squad.

RBR/TVBR observation: Does MTV (Music Television) still air any music videos? Cable is going after the ad dollar and you will see more competition with content-driven programming for these dollars. So, local TV get your marketing acts together especially your websites, this tool will be needed in 2010. Or you have the choice to program more paid infomercials. Get involved with content.