Much ado about nothing


"Much ado about nothing" was immortalized by William Shakespeare but it seems a host of public servants inside the DC Beltway have ‘nothing’ better to do than challenge Will’s claim to fame.

Properly preparing most Americans for the February 2009 analog cut-off of their favorite television broadcasts should be as easy as the time-honored techniques of local editorials and locally-produced programming. Be it a station general manager or top news anchor, their market presence can carry credibility in assuring viewers, through strategically plotted editorials, that remedies are readily available to convert them from analog to digital distribution. They can promote half-hour programs aired conveniently and repeatedly that walk viewers step-by-step through the options available for a smooth conversion. After all, what institution other than the local station "brand" has more clout and vested interest in helping viewers across the threshold? Can any national initiative offer the grass roots capabilities WAAA or KBBB can muster with minimal effort? Is it naive to believe many local television stations are planning creative campaigns to not only keep current viewers but woo new ones with innovative digital services?

Or, as Will put it in All’s Well That Ends Well, "our remedies oft in ourselves do lie."

Thomas VanBenschoten
VP Broadcast Station Services
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