Multi-million issue blitz


The ink in the influence-the-debate spending arena has been going to the dollars being poured into the health care ussue, but there are others, and this one is somewhat related. It comes from a watchdog called the Employment Policies Institute, an organization that is concerned about the national debt. And it has money to spend.

The group is concerned about a recent Office of Management and Budget projection of a $9T deficit in America’s immediate future. It also tries to head off the concept of soaking the rich as a method of defraying the deficit, suggesting that it is already happening.

The television portion of the campaign will feature children “pledging allegiance to the debt.”

The video portion is going to be aired on four of the cable news outlets – Fox, MSNBC, CNN and CNBC. Several newspapers, including with the New York Times and USA Today, are also in the media mix.

RBR/TVBR observation: To get a quick idea of the ideological leanings of this organization, we observe that it is putting ads in two Washington DC newspapers, and neither of them is the Post.

One is the Washington Times and the other is the relatively new and not well-known (except to Metro riders) Washington Examiner. Both are conservative.

Not that we care – advertising money banks just the same no matter where it comes from.