Multicultural swaps LA AMs with trustee


Arthur and Yvonne Liu put KALI-AM, one of their six Los Angeles AMs, into a trust so they could buy a Barstow television station. Now they have filed to take the AM back from the trustee in exchange for a different one.

Receiving KYPA from Multicultural will be Transition Radio LLC, headed by William B. Schutz. In exchange, Transition is sending KALI-AM back to the Liu’s Multicultural Radio Broadcasting.

KYLA is a Class C on 1230 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND. KALI is a Class DE on 900 kHz with 500 W-D, 79 W-N, DA2.

The television station that caused the existence of the trust in the first place is KHIZ-TV Barstow.
Other Multicultural stations in the Los Angeles market include 1300 kHz KAZN-AM Pasadena, 1580 kHz KBLA-AM Santa Monica, 1600 kHz KAHZ-AM Pomona, 1430 kHz KMRB-AM San Gabriel, and 106.3 MHz KALI-FM Santa Ana. They generally provide either Spanish or Asian programming.

RBR-TVBR observation: We suspect there may be more to this one. KYPA does a much better job of covering Los Angeles – KALI doesn’t do a great job of getting to the Pacific side of the city. Perhaps there is a buyer waiting in the wings for KYPA. Stay tuned.