Multiplatinum group sends new release to radio


On_AirBoyz II Men must know something about how to sell an album or two – so far, they’ve sold 64 million of them – so it’s instructive when they note that they are making their newest single available to Urban AC radio stations right from the get-go.

The new album is “Collide,” which it says will be released on BMG 10/21/14.

The band, which includes Nate Morris, Shawn Stockman, and Wayna Morris and is said to be the top seller in R&B history, has already put out a single in advance of the album’s availability.

They noted on Tuesday 9/16/14 that it was impacting on Urban AC outlets.

RBR-TVBR observation: This is just one more unsolicited to the power of radio as a way for musicians and labels to monetize their recordings, not to mention help them to sell concert tickets and paraphernalia.

Is it fair for artists and labels to hand a recording to radio stations and say “please please play this,” and then with the other hand reach out and ask for a performance royalty?

One more time: when a song spins on radio, it is for all intents and purposes a three-minute commercial. Musicians know this, so it is time for radio and recording to cease hostilities and get back to working for each other’s benefit as they have for decades.


  1. I love the con job that a song is a 3 minute commercial
    The same crap that made baggage clerks out of passengers
    And put $18 for popcorn and a drunk in the theater when the movie is 10 bucks
    We need to wake up and be truthful about our corporate intentions and personal commitments to monetary manipulation

    A 3 minute song is a 3 minute song
    The pleasure is all mine as a writer and artist, the profit is from radio borrowing the performance and live appearances is another deal.

    Get honest and be bold, it is the exit plan from slavery.


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