Mun2 premieres “Gen Mishima”


Mun2, the bilingual cable network for bicultural Latinos 18-34, announces the U.S. television premiere of the science fiction drama, “Gen Mishima.”  The series will be subtitled in English and premieres 10/20 at 9 PM.  Episodes of will repeat Thursdays at 10pm.  

This gripping sci-fi story set in Latin America chronicles the lives of former students of the controversial Future Institute for Gifted Children, a social genetic experiment gone terribly wrong. The Generation Mishima youth, named after the lead scientist, were children when they were subject to mysterious experiments targeted at creating a new generation of political and social leaders for the 21st century.  Now, a shadow conspiracy will stop at nothing to keep this dark history hidden.   
A story of government conspiracy, unchecked scientific experimentation, and seeking truth in the face of power, these young innocents get caught up in a plan outside of their control, truly a story for our time.  Mun2 says the intense series will keep viewers guessing until the final shocking end.