Murder arrest in New York


A 16-year-old male has been arrested in New York in connection with the stabbing death of ABC News Radio anchor George Weber. The New York Post and Daily News both report that the youth has confessed to killing Weber during a drugged-up S&M date. The two reportedly met through Craigslist.

Police are said to have identified the suspect by going though Weber’s email and web browser history and tracking calls he’d made from his cell phone. The teenager was tracked down as he tried to flee upstate.

“The staff of ABC News Radio thanks NYPD for their tireless work since Sunday in pursuing justice for our murdered colleague George Weber. In particular, we wish to recognize the professionalism and persistence of detectives from Brooklyn South along with detectives and officers from the 76th precinct.  Our thoughts continue to be with George’s family,” said a statement issued by Steve Jones, Vice President and General Manager, ABC News Radio.

Weber’s body was found Sunday after worried co-workers contacted police when he failed to show up for work over the weekend. The crime scene was splattered with blood and Weber’s ankles were bound with duct tape. The suspect reportedly told police he’d answered a Craigslist ad seeking rough sex. The encounter got out of hand and the teenager was reported to have said he couldn’t remember how many times he stabbed Weber because he blacked out during the rampage.