Muscle Flex chooses Chief Media as buyer for campaign


Muscle Flex has chosen Chief Media as its national media buyer for the Buddy  Tablet Caddy and the Beagle StepFit infomercials. Chief Media handles  television, print, radio, online and direct response. Chief Media also provides business development, research as well as data tracking, data assimilation and overall program analysis.

Muscle Flex is planning an initial 4-week test campaign with Chief Media starting in November for both the Buddy and the Beagle. The first month’s budget for the initial media test campaign for each product is scheduled to be $40,000 for a total of an $80,000 media investment in the commercials at which time the sales data will be analyzed and any refinements shall be performed to optimize the campaigns going into month two. Muscle Flex will be launching both products simultaneously with each product being featured in its own 2-minute TV infomercial.

It will also be releasing the one-page landing pages for both the Buddy and the Beagle complete with the final edited 2-minute commercials to investors prior to their national broadcast.