Music committee moves to Music City


The Radio Music Licensing Committee (RMLC), which represents radio stations in music licensing negotiations with ASCAP and BMI, has relocated its headquarters to Nashville. That coincides with the appointment of a new Executive Director, Bill Velez, who has been living and working in Music City for a dozen years. He succeeds Keith Meehan, who had been based in New York.

Velez brings a unique perspective to the job, having most recently been President/COO of SESAC. In fact, he has worked for all three US music licensing organizations, having previously worked for both BMI and ASCAP. He calls it a "natural evolution" to wind up on the "licensee side of the fence" and represent the vast majority of US radio stations in their music licensing negotiations.

"The Committee’s goal is to negotiate equitable music licenses that reflect the realities of the current and changing state of the radio business.  To this end, we feel that the combination of Music City, USA and Bill Velez provide a dynamic platform for achieving this objective," said Saga Communications CEO Ed Christian, Chair of the RMLC Board of Directors.