Music interests deploy pig at NAB headquarters


The NAB was amused by five individuals sent by RIAA-backed interests to the broadcast organization’s Washington DC home with a blow-up pig to protest NAB’s stance against the Performance Rights Act. NAB even sent down a pizza.

“It’s no surprise that RIAA is now employing silly frat-boy stunts, given its well-documented practice of suing college kids to rescue a bankrupt business model,” said NAB Executive Vice President Dennis Wharton. “It also seems appropriate for RIAA to use an inflatable pig as its mascot, since its foreign-owned members would be the biggest beneficiaries of performance tax pork. RIAA is losing this issue on Capitol Hill and in the court of public opinion, and today’s demonstration represents a new low in a campaign of utter desperation.”

According to Wharton, a sausage pizza was sent down to the group. “We’re suggesting they provide this food to the scores of exploited musicians who have had to sue their record label to recoup allegedly unpaid album royalties,” explained Wharton.