Musicians petition FCC in favor of net neutrality


The American Federation of Musicians sent in reply comments pertaining to the FCC’s proceeding on a free and open internet, saying that network neutrality was a critical element in a musician’s business plan in today’s world.

“An open Internet is critical to musicians,” states AFM International President Thomas F. Lee. “All types of musicians, from artists with established careers to those just getting started, use the Internet to get their music to fans, whether through iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, YouTube, MySpace, or any other website that allows music to be sold or streamed. Ensuring that the Internet remains open, neutral, and free is necessary to guarantee that musicians can make a living playing music.”

At the same time, AFM wants the FCC to make sure that musicians are protected from rampant piracy. The trade group wants to make sure that the flow of content is free and unimpeded, while at the same time assuring that copyrights are respected and enforced.

RBR-TVBR observation: More and more musicians are able to handle their own affairs without assistance from a record label, and more and more of them are doing just that.  The internet first destroyed the labels’ business model. And in a digital world in which many musicians are learning to handle their own recording and distribution, and it is chipping away at their very necessity.