MusicMaster releases version 5.0


Music MasterA-Ware Software, developers of MusicMaster for Windows music scheduling software announces the official release of Version 5.0. It includes increased capabilities for both single and large-scale multi-database users. New Optimum Scheduling Goals, Library Maintenance and Schedule Editor tools, third party integration short cuts, user interface enhancements, dual database platform options, and more make this the most powerful MusicMaster version to date.

Said Joe Knapp President/CEO: “I’ve demonstrated the new Optimum Goal Scheduling options in Version 5 to some of today’s top programmers and consultants and they’ve all called this the biggest advance in music scheduling technology since the process was first moved to a computer. We’re teaching MusicMaster how to make decisions the same way a human being would.”

Current MusicMaster clients have the option to upgrade immediately.

A-Ware Software, Inc. has been an innovator of music scheduling software used worldwide by major radio, television, and Internet music providers since 1983. With 4,000 users, MusicMaster is the #1 music scheduling software for Windows.