"Mustard Pancakes" for Ion


That’s not the menu for the staff dining room, but rather an "edutainment" show aimed at kids 3-6 which will begin airing on Ion Television today at 2:30 pm ET. "Mustard Pancakes" features singer and songwriter Courtney Campbell and her furry and fun-loving family of three dogs – Oogleberry Ink Dog, Tiny Tina Ten Toes and Mo – and the lone cat, Mr. D. Under her thoughtful and tender care and guidance, her furry puppet pets discover the world around them, grow emotionally and find solutions to their daily challenges. The show aimed at preschoolers celebrates the joy of childhood through the power of music, storytelling and appealing characters, including a cast of colorful puppets.

Mustard Pancakes, which previously aired on public television stations, was created by Joel Wertmen and Courtney Campbell and is produced by Mustard Pancakes Productions Inc.