MVPDs reminded of EEO responsibilities


On the plus side, MVPDs have an extra day to file their annual EEO reports with the FCC. On the minus side, they still have to file them, and a certain number of MVPDs also have to turn in a supplemental filing.

The filing deadline for the filing of FCC Form 396-C, Multi-Channel Video Programming Distributor EEO Program Annual Report would have been 9/30/12, but the last day of September falls on a Sunday this year, so the FCC is adding a day, giving those affected until 10/1/12 to make sure their reports are in.

And for the unlucky few, the FCC reminded, “As in prior years, certain MVPDs also will be required to complete portions of the Supplemental Investigation Sheet (“SIS”) located at the end of the Form. Attached to this Public Notice is a list of those MVPD units that must submit the SIS with their 2012 filings. If a unit is not on this list, it does not need to complete the SIS this year. When units on the list attempt to file Form 396-C electronically, those filers will see a check in the box on Section I of the electronic version of the form next to the statement “Supplemental Investigation Sheet attached.”

Filings must be done electronically unless an MVPD has timely filed for a waiver allowing a paper submission. The FCC notes that the waivers will not be easily procured and that requests for waivers must include “…with particularity the facts and circumstances warranting the relief sought.”