Myers announces new ProWeb release


MyersMyers, developer in broadcast management software, announced a major product upgrade to its ProWeb solution. ProWeb is a web schedule plug-in that’s embedded directly into an existing website to display real time broadcast schedules and program information as they are generated within the ProTrack scheduling environment.  ProWeb 4.0 now offers enhanced features and functionality that produce a more intuitive and interactive experience that helps keep viewer’s aware of and engaged in upcoming programming line-ups.

At the core of this new upgrade is a complete redesign of the entire solution.  The redesign incorporates a responsive web architecture that optimizes interactive features and usability at any screen size; which ensures schedules can be properly displayed on smartphones, tablets, and PC’s.  Along with a myriad of newly stylized elements to accommodate keyboard, mouse and touch interactions, ProWeb 4.0 allows media facilities to embed Google Analytics into the solution to track and measure viewer engagement.  Additionally, social media links are more prominently displayed and it now features visual grid offsets to accommodate programs that start before or after the half hour.

“As a developer it is imperative that we are continually working to evolve our products to leverage today’s technology to improve internal workflows and the end-user experience,” said Crist Myers, CEO and president. “I am proud of our team and our continued commitment to build for the future and ProWeb 4.0 is just one more example of that.”

ProWeb is currently used at over 40 independent media facilities to manage their online multichannel schedule environments.