MySpace, Intel, Yahoo, Toshiba to bring social experience to TV


MySpace announced the launch of a “MySpace Widget” developed for TV, and powered by MySpaceID. The rich internet application is designed on the new TV application framework called the Widget Channel, co-developed by Intel and Yahoo!, and will be available on connected Consumer Electronic devices. The MySpace Widget for TV allows users to interact with their MySpace network directly from their TV and receive dynamic updates of profile activity, helping to extend their MySpace experience beyond the browser and making the traditional TV experience more social. MySpace is the first social network to offer this functionality for its community and is using MySpaceID to create the TV Widget.

"We’re giving our users an entirely new way to easily enjoy, share and access MySpace content through the new MySpace experience for TV,” says Jason Oberfest, MySpace’s vice president of business development and general manager of MySpaceID. “We believe in our open platform that delivers interactive, social applications, and by empowering our users to access their MySpace network while also enjoying TV, we continue to provide new and unique ways keep them engaged and connected.”

With the MySpace Widget for TV, users will receive instant updates of profile activity directly to their TV screen, without having to refresh a browser or access a separate device.