NAB and MSTV looking at an association of Associations


If ever a wedding made sense, it is this one. The National Association of Broadcasters and the Association of Maximum Service Television may very well lead the league in issuing joint documents. That may no longer be necessary as MSTV looks to become part of NAB.

The MSTV board is considering acceptance of the merger, and it has already been approved by NAB’s TV Board.

In a release, the NAB said, “As a result of the merger, the legacy of MSTV’s 54 years of excellence in broadcast spectrum protection and technology policy advocacy will be continued under the consolidated leadership of NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. This action also complements the NAB Board’s strategic direction to elevate technology issues within the organization, with the goal of ensuring a bright future for broadcasting in an increasingly technological and complex digital media world.”

Describing MSTV, NAB noted that it “…is the recognized industry leader in broadcasting technology and spectrum policy issues. Formed in 1956, MSTV has endeavored to ensure that the American public receives the highest quality, interference free, over-the-air local television signals.”

RBR-TVBR observation: These two organizations have had a lot to do together in recent years, highlighted by accomplishing the digital transition and making sure television did not become collateral damage as the FCC sought to flood TV white spaces with unlicensed devices. The purposes of the two organizations are almost always mutual, and combining them under one roof makes perfect sense.