NAB board election results


The National Association of Broadcasters has announced the results of the 2010 NAB Radio and Television Board elections. The two-year terms of the newly elected board members will begin in June 2010.

NAB Radio Board Elections

District 2
Frank Flores
Chief Revenue Officer
Spanish Broadcasting System

District 14
Roger Utnehmer
President and CEO
Nicolet Broadcasting, Inc.

District 4
Joel Oxley *
Senior VP and Market Manager

District 16
Eric Brown *
General Manager

District 6
Bill McElveen *
Regional Manager
Citadel Broadcasting Company

District 18
Ben Downs *
Vice President and General Manager Bryan Broadcasting

District 8
Mike Grimsley
Vice President/Market Manager
Regent Communications

District 20
Ron Davis *
President/General Manager

District 10
Rick Cummings *
President – Emmis Programming
Emmis Communications

District 22
Joe Schwartz
Cherry Creek Radio

District 12
John Beck *
Senior VP and Market Manager
Emmis St. Louis

District 24
Don Benson
President and CEO
Lincoln Financial Media Company


NAB Television Board Elections

David Barrett *
President and CEO
Hearst Television, Inc.

Chris Cornelius
President and COO
Barrington Broadcasting Co.

Lynn Beall *
Executive Vice President
Gannett Broadcasting

Sandy Schwartz
Cox Media Group

Marci Burdick *
Senior VP, Broadcast and Cable
Schurz Communications, Inc.

Doreen Wade *
Freedom Broadcasting, Inc.

* indicates incumbent.