NAB, CEA team to raise antenna awareness


Fans of over-the-air television who are not in the market for an MVPD subscription will have a new resource to determine how to make sure they are still pulling in good signals from their local broadcasters. The NAB and CEA have a new site called that will instruct consumers’ purchase of an appropriate piece of outdoor equipment no matter where they live.

"Cable or satellite subscriptions are not required for consumers to enjoy the benefits of digital television," said NAB President and CEO David Rehr. "With the proper antenna, consumers can receive free, over-the-air digital broadcasts with higher picture and sound quality and access to multiple channels of free programming. Broadcast viewers can also access interactive video and data services that are not possible with traditional analog technology, including enhanced closed-captioning."

Consumers can visit the website, and armed only with their household address, and will find out what broadcast signals should be available at their location, with advice on antenna selection that takes into account terrain factors (trees, hills, buildings) and distance.

TVBR/RBR observation: If we were a retailer in any zone where rooftop antennas are a popular option, we would make sure we have provide access to this website right there on the sales floor.