NAB continues its defense of free over-the-air TV


The headquarters of the National Association of Broadcasters is within vigorous walking distance of the headquarters of the Federal Communications Commission – and apparently at that distance, NAB staffers can actually hear FCC salivary glands cranking into high gear as they eye television spectrum while visions of mobile repurposing dance in their heads. Whether that is the reason or not, NAB is remaining vigilant about making the case for free TV.

NAB began its Future of TV campaign last month, complete with PSAs for television and radio stations in both English and Spanish.

The current effort is a print ad aimed specifically at the Washington community, where the political and regulatory classes that will have a lot of say in the future of TV reside and work.

NAB placed full pagers in Communications Daily, National Journal Daily and Politico.

The ad reads, “Our viewers – and your constituents – understand the value that free local broadcast programming provides to their communities. They are excited, as we are, about the future of TV. As Congress returns, we will work together to make sure that TV’s future is not threatened and that broadcasters remain free to innovate by continuing to put their spectrum to work.”

The ad can be viewed here.

RBR-TVBR observation: Television has two hot issues to be concerned with this year – spectrum and retransmission. We believe that strong local programming is not only broadcast’s strongest business offering, it is also the strongest talking point we have inside the Beltway. Something to keep in mind. And your legislator’s minds.