NAB corrects the retrans record on Capitol Hill


NAB / National Association of BroadcastersResponding to the Time Warner Cable claim that testimony from Gerry Waldron to the importance of digital rights in the CBS/TWC negotiations was incorrect, NAB’s Kelly Cole was able to cite contradictory evidence from none other than the TWC leader.

Cole said the fact that digital rights were a big part of the negotiation was “extensively documented” in the media.

In fact, TWC wanted digital distribution rights in addition to the content it was getting for its cable systems. CBS was unwilling to do this, as the content is sold to on-demand subscription services and cannot be made available to TWC for free.

According to Cole, TWC’s Gail McKinnon had claimed that TWC has no power to bar program providers from dealing with online services, a statement  Cole refuted by quoting TWC CEO Glenn Britt, who said his company does  includes such a prohibition in contracts when it can on the record, as  recorded by Bloomberg.

In fact, Bloomberg reported on 6/12/13 that TWC was actively trying to “thwart” new online content providers.

Cole concluded, “NAB continues to believe that broadcasters have the right  to deliver our highly-valued local and network program content to asmany platforms as possible in a manner that truly benefits consumers. We urge you to reject this disinformation campaign from Time Warner Cable.”

Cole’s letter went to House Judiciary Committee leaders, including Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), John Conyers (D-MI), Howard Coble (R-NC) and Mel Watt (D-NC).