NAB, CTIA ask FCC for more time on incentive auctions


NAB / National Association of BroadcastersThe two trade organizations are on opposite sides of the spectrum auction question – one is asking for spectrum, and the other is being asked to give spectrum up. But they agree on one thing – delaying the proceeding for a month may ultimately speed up the process.

At the moment, the deadline for comments on the FCC proceeding is 12/12/12, with reply comments due 2/19/13. The parties would like to push them back to 1/25/13 and 3/26/13.

They said, “The novelty and uniqueness of this auction require that all interested parties thoroughly digest and analyze the complex set of issues presented in order to ensure that the auction has the best chance for success.”

By way of explanation, the organizations told the FCC, “Although we seek an extension of time, we believe that this additional period will ultimately expedite the process rather than delay it. Industry is currently engaged in productive discussions that will likely lead to concrete proposals that may garner broad support for the Commission to consider. Our primary aim is to produce a record that allows the Commission to benefit from the considerable experience and expertise of our respective members, and from those from around the broadcast, wireless, and technology industries, as well as the public interest community. We believe strongly that granting this extension request will enable all parties to submit comments to the Commission that are meaningful as well as constructive. Retaining the original deadline, however, will likely result in comments containing incomplete analysis and uncertain conclusions, thereby requiring another round of comments and causing even lengthier delay.”