NAB goes green


Thanks to a collaboration between the NAB and the Environmental Protection Agency, there is a new booklet on its way to radio and television stations called “Going Green: A Broadcaster’s Guide to Acting Locally.” The publication details how stations can promote the environment and live a healthier lifestyle.

The NAB went so far as to print the material with recycled manufacturing materiels. It is already in the mail to all NAB members.

In an introduction to the book, NAB President/CEO David Rehr noted, “Small changes make a big difference, and when radio and television stations take action, the environment benefits, our communities benefit and the world benefits.”

“We’re proud to count the National Association of Broadcasters as partners in celebrating Earth Day 2009, and in our long-term efforts to protect human health and the environment,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “Together, we’re educating audiences and industry members so that they can play a role in reducing environmental impacts and protecting communities.”

RBR/TVBR observation: Citizens have shown they will alter their behavior to support environmentally friendly businesses – and in an ultra-competitive business like broadcasting, every little edge is a good thing.