NAB has conventional reason to extend FCC retrans deadline


The FCC has opened up a proceeding called, “Rulemaking to Amend the Commission’s Rules Governing Retransmission Consent,” a matter of extreme interest to both the broadcast and MVPD communities. But the deadline for comments is 4/19/10, just days after the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The NAB asked for more time. It said, according to the FCC, that “’many concerned parties’ attending the 2010 NAB Show in Las Vegas, which immediately precedes the current comment deadline, ‘would lose a significant amount of preparation time and would have only two business days after the show ends to finalize and file their comments in response to the Public Notice.’”

The FCC agreed without comment and added about a month. The new due dates for comments are 5/18/10, and reply comments are now due 6/3/10.

He proceeding is filed under MB Docket No. 10-71.