NAB hires headhunter


The National Association of Broadcasters has hired Russell Reynolds Associates to assist in the search for a new president/CEO to take the place of the departed David K. Rehr. If all goes according to plan, we may have a candidate within two months.

RRA, with 39 offices scattered across the globe, and 275 consultants, offers a specialty in recruiting Washington advocacy executives. Bonneville International’s Bruce Reese he heading up the NAB’s internal search committee. Janet McGregor, NAB chief operating officer and financial officer, is holding down the fort until Rehr’s successor is on board.

We can get an idea of the time frame in play by looking at Reynolds’ description of itself. From the company’s website:

“We pride ourselves on a rigorous search process, which has built-in benchmarks that have been proven over time to identify the best candidates swiftly and effectively. For example, we commit to: determine the universe of candidates in 15 days; provide a list of three candidates in 30 days; and identify the lead candidate in 50 days. We survey clients after every search and reward our consultants based on the feedback they receive.”

RBR/TVBR observation: The NAB has had a stellar reputation on Capitol Hill as one of the most effective industry organizations at promoting its goals and heading off onerous legislation. But it seems that the wins lately seem to have been few and far between. Whoever comes in needs to be able to go to the Hill and resume the NAB’s winning ways.