NAB kicks off program to promote over-air television

0 is now live, television spots have been distributed and radio spots are ready for download, as the National Association of Broadcasters goes on the offensive to remind Americans how good TV is and teaches them how more it will have to offer going forward.

The campaign is designed to remind consumers of the importance of local over-the-air broadcast television, demonstrating the many ways they serve their communities. It also highlights advancements in technology and spells out what they mean to viewers.

The website offers citizens a chance to share their thoughts on local television, and also allows them to sign up for news and information regarding congressional and FCC actions that may have an impact on their television viewing experience.

The television air campaign is slated to kick off later this month, commencing on 1/24/11. 30-second spots were sent out to local television stations last month in both English and Spanish.

Radio stations are being asked and encouraged to support the campaign as well, with ready-made spots available for download at

The ads pique curiosity about new technologies that apply to television such as high definition, 3D and mobile and refer them to the new dedicated website.

RBR-TVBR observation: We strongly advise radio stations to assist their friends on the TV side with this campaign as much as possible, if only because it’s a great opportunity to build goodwill, and then perhaps ask for a little reciprocity in the very near future when zombie legislation like PRA starts to lurch around the halls of Congress once again.