NAB Labs Invests in Dingman Center Angels


NABLabsNAB Labs has joined the Dingman Center Angels as an investor. The center is a program of the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business that provides funding to early-stage companies located within the Mid-Atlantic region.

Through its membership with the Center, NAB Labs will identify promising early-stage companies that have the potential to impact radio and television broadcasting positively.

“A major part of NAB Labs’ mission is to foster companies on the leading-edge of innovation,” said NAB CTO Sam Matheny. Labs’ also works to identify and support startups that are pushing the limits of technology in fields of interest to NAB members, such as big data analytics, cybersecurity and drones.

The Center also has a history of investing in companies that could help keep broadcasting on the cutting edge of content delivery. During FY15, 34% of investments were made in software, 33% were made in Internet and web services, and 11% were made in cybersecurity.

NAB Labs says the Dingman membership complements other recent initiatives, like its recently announced partnership with 1776, a D.C.-based business incubator that provides support for startups in government regulated industries.

Dingman Center Managing Director Elana Fine said NAB’s increased visibility in the local startup scene will likely encourage more digital media and content companies to stay in the region.