NAB Labs Pilot Testbed Now Available


Pilot-RF-testbedThe RF testbed that Cavell, Mertz & Associates, Inc. designed and built for the NAB Labs/Pilot test series is now available on a limited rental basis for individuals and organizations interested in experimenting with digital and analog AM and FM band radio systems. The testbed is in the Cavell, Mertz suburban Washington, DC location.

Mike Rhodes of Cavell Martz designed the lab for NAB’s Pilot. He tells RBR+TVBR Weekly Tech Roundup that NAB is making the lab available, through Cavell Mertz, to other industry organizations or station groups to test new technologies or existing technologies used in a new way.

The lab is something that station groups, trade associations, and engineering teams could use to develop and refine future ideas, adds Gary Cavell.

NAB’s David Layer said all of the work done to-date has been for NAB Labs/Pilot projects, under the direction of the NAB Technology department; “The team has done an outstanding job in developing this facility and I am looking forward to working with them on future projects that we host there.”

The lab has the capability of testing receiver performance as well as the impact of multiple co- and adjacent channel interferers on AM or FM analog, hybrid, or all-digital desired signals. Receiver comparison tests can test the effects of one desired and up to two undesired signals on up to five receivers at once. Additional receivers can be easily added.

If your organization is interested in using the space, lab time and a system engineer if necessary can be made available in coordination with Cavell Mertz & Associates and the NAB Technology department. Contact Mike Rhodes at Cavell Mertz for more information at: [email protected]