NAB launches website to educate viewers on retransmission


Consumers may feel they’re being held hostage when testy retransmission consent negotiations result in a station being pulled from an MVPD. The NAB has launched a website to explain to consumers what the issues are and offering advice on getting through them without losing service.

According to NAB, is “aimed at educating and empowering viewers during carriage negotiations between broadcast TV stations and pay-TV providers.”

It is divided into four sections:

* Why would I lose my shows

* How do I keep my favorite shows

* What else can I do to keep my TV

* Where it matters: my community

MVPDs have been seeking assistance in getting a competitive edge in negotiations from legislators on Capitol Hill and regulators at the FCC, and demonizing broadcasters in the process. The website brings perspective, noting that almost all of the nation’s favorite programs and most of an MVPD’s local content comes from the broadcast stations being carried – and points out that according to the will of Congress, the broadcasters are entitled to fair compensation, just as basic cable networks are compensated.

It also points out that when a station is pulled, and can still be received over the air, and provides information about the art of antenna usage.

NAB stated, “The new website notes that 98.5% of the highest rated television shows air on broadcast TV, and asks viewers, ‘What if your pay TV company no longer carried your favorite broadcast channels?’ also notes the important local programming depended upon by millions of viewers, including local news and critical weather information programming that often serves as a lifeline during times of crisis.”