NAB makes the case for broadcasters on Capitol Hill


NAB / National Association of Broadcasters
The Hill is a go-to publication for people with more than a passing interest in the doings of the United States Congress, and if they have a particular interest in communications issues, then the Hillicon Valley blog is a go-to part of The We went there today and found a very elaborate message from the National Association of Broadcasters.

It’s entitled “We Are Broadcasters” and at first glance it could be a simple banner ad inserted into a space between stories.

Click on it, and you are transported to an entire website complete with video and information touching on a wide variety of broadcast attributes.

The primary message is this:

“Every day of every year, local TV and radio stations are there – delivering the breaking news and emergency information you rely on, providing the music and shows that you love most.

“America’s broadcasters are a vital part of every community in the nation. Providing a free service to everyone is just the beginning. As one of the nation’s largest public service providers, local TV and radio stations donate immense resources – on and off air – to raise money for charities and help their neighbors.

“Learn more about who broadcasters are, and how we are reaching more people and touching more lives every single day.”

Several clickable headers follow the words “We are” and provide additional information on each topic. They include

* first informers
* most trusted news source
* helping communities
* innovating for the future
* serving America

RBR-TVBR observation: This particular internet address is where the inside players go for information. It’s good to see our representatives in Washington have our backs at the very place key congressional staffers head for every day.