NAB mental health campaign draws millions


NAB / National Association of BroadcastersA campaign called “OK2Talk” aimed at improving the state of mental health in America has drawn widespread support from broadcasters, who to date have chipped in more than $12M worth of airtime in the form of the airing of more than 106.6K radio and television spots.

NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith said, “NAB salutes the efforts of broadcasters across America to make a real difference on the issue of mental health. As stewards of the airwaves, local radio and television broadcasters and our network partners have a unique megaphone and a remarkable capacity to change attitudes in a positive way. Mental health issues are often the common thread in tragedies like the Navy Yard shooting this week. We thank our broadcast brothers and sisters for their support for the NAB campaign, and urge them to continue carrying these pro-social messages that encourage a meaningful dialogue on mental health.”

The spots support website, which provides a forum for teens and young adults experiencing mental health problems. The NAB they can “…share personal stories of recovery, tragedy, struggle or hope. By inviting young people, their families and friends to add their voice in a safe, moderated space, the campaign encourages an organic conversation about mental health challenges and recovery stories.”

The website also has resources for those seeking help.